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What is the Difference between Laptop and Notebook?

laptop vs notebook

A laptop or laptop computers can be define as personal computers that are mobile and portable. The mobility of a laptop would able you as a user of a laptop to bring it to different places instead of fixing it to immobile place such as the desktop computer. A laptop would normally consists of a monitor screen attached to a keyboard and also it would have a trackball or touch mouse that act as the mouse function. However, same laptops also have a small mouse that can also be use with the laptop. The advantage of a laptop is that it would have a battery attached in which it can operate for certain amount of hours off from a power outlet. This allows the mobility of the laptop in addition to a wireless capability to connect to the internet.

The laptop battery can also be recharged once it’s drained from usage. The advantage of the laptop is that even though it is more mobile and portable compared to a desktop, the laptop can also do serious computing according to its specs and functions. The laptop can be used for gaming as well as heavy office works. So, what is the difference between a laptop and a notebook? A notebook is considered a lighter version of a laptop but a bit above the specs compared to a normal tablet in the market. It has the same physical attributes of a laptop such as screen monitor, keyboard, and trackball or touch mouse but usually comes in a smaller compact size. Typically a notebook will weigh less from a normal laptop as notebook are primarily design for light use only. Therefore a notebook will have a smaller screen compared to a laptop. However, due to the exponentially increasing demand for tablet nowadays, many notebook manufacturers are now developing their notebook to have also high specifications and can function the same as a laptop. However, this notebook are expensive and depends on the need of the users who probably need a notebook for lighter activities and use only.