What is Smart Gadget?

what is smart gadget

It can be confusing sometimes when some manufacturers are doing a sales pitch of certain ‘smart gadget’ with ‘smart’ functions. There is also the ‘smart’ devices that they are offering as well. Based on some of the manufacturer or the retail outlet, any gadget can be sell as ‘smart’ gadget. So, what is a ‘Smart Gadget’ and when can a gadget be called as ‘Smart’? Based on Merriam-Webster, the definition of ‘Gadget’ is a small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as novelty. The definition of ‘Smart’ from Merriam-Webster however have several meanings. Among the closest meaning we could associate with a Gadget is ‘very good at learning or thinking about things’ and ‘showing intelligence or good judgement’. So, can we combine this definition and therefore create a definition of a Smart Gadget as ‘A small mechanical or electronic device with practical use that enable the users of the smart gadget to be good at learning/thinking about things and enhance the user’s experience with good judgement and intelligence.’
What is Smart Gadget
Or in a simple layman’s term, Smart Gadget basically makes the users smarter in terms of action, learning, thinking, as well as enhanced user’s experiences. Some of the categories often associated with smart gadgets are in the home & appliances, car accessories, electronics devices, gaming accessories, offices products as well as mobile phone accessories. Smart gadgets are also associated with automation as most of the smart gadget items eases the user’s experience by automating certain processes and also functions.

For example, a smart light would automate the need for the users to push the on and off button as the smart light would automatically trigger the on button if it sense a presence and off when the presence is not there anymore. However, smart gadget has different meanings and application for different categories. A smart gadget in offices products would not necessary be a smart gadget in home and kitchens. Below we give a basic

Smart gadget for homes
Smart gadget for homes as basically devices that makes home appliances automated or remotely automated. Washing machines was once considered as a smart devices as it automated the labour process of washing dirty clothes. As technology advances, smart gadget for homes also consists of internet of things in which we have home appliances connected to the internet as well as communicating with sensors and other appliances. This smart gadgets and devices forms a smart environment in which makes it a smart home.

Smart gadget for offices
Smart gadget for offices are mechanical or electronic devices that assist the users in work at the office as well as non-work related matters. The work matters can include accessories for their laptop as well as their office desk. Smart gadget for non-related matters can varies and can range from fitness and health to keeping your coffee warm. This represent a huge market for smart gadget as most of working people spend most of their time in the office. Smart gadget would help make the work environment much smarter and productive as well.

Smart gadget for mobile devices
This represent a huge market segment as the demand for mobile devices as well as mobile accessories are growing rapidly each year. Smart gadget for mobile devices includes items such as game controller, camera enhancement add-ons, and mobile printer and also to novelty smart gadgets such as temperature or wind temperature sensors attached to your mobile phone.

Smart gadget market is huge as the explosion of tech savvy generation that now have more expendable incomes. This tech savvy generation would not be afraid of using creative and unique smart gadget in the market. Therefore, this will create the necessary demand as well as supply for smart gadget in the world market.