What is Airprint?


If you are using any Apple devices you will probably also use the smart gadget as a tool for work as well. Therefore the printing function that usually is available in your desktop and laptop is also important to have in your iPad or iPhone. This would allow the users to print important documents or also pictures direct from their iPad or iPhone. Apple in recognizing this need, has introduced the capability of printing in its iOS from v4.2 and onwards. The technology introduced by Apple was the Airprint technology. So, what is Airprint? Airprint is basically a mobile printing technology that allows you to print from your iPad, iPhone or any Apple mobile devices via wireless network.

As long as you have the iOS v4.2 and above, most iPad or iPhone can use the Airprint feature. It allows you to choose a printer that is Airprint enable within your wireless network and instantly print through that printer. Just make sure your iPad or iPhone is connected to the printer under the same wireless network. The iPad or iPhone would scan the connected printer and can send data to print direct to the printer itself. So, there is no need for any cable connection or also any drivers to be installed. Most branded printer already incorporated Airprint as part of their system and therefore there is no need to find an Apple printer to print from your iPad or iPhone. Household printer brand name such as HP, Canon and also Brother has the Airprint capability. Just make sure that there are on and connected to the wireless network. So, with this Airprint solution, you can use your iPad or iPhone not just for entertainment but also as a serious tool for office work and also leisure at the same time.