What is a Tablet Computer?

The computers have evolved drastically from a desktop version to laptop and finally to a more mobile version of tablet computer. The tablet computer represents the need for mobility of the users nowadays in the same time need the computing power of a device that is constantly connected to the internet. A tablet computer can be define as a tablet computer if it has the characteristic of a touchscreen ability with the adequate amount of computer processing power and sufficient memory. It normally will have cameras and also stylus for some brand and the tablet computer normally runs on Wi-Fi connection.

Since the tablet computer normally uses the touchscreen technology, it will not have the normal function a laptop does such as the mouse, keyboard as well as CD ROM. Even with high specifications that some of the Tablet computer in the market has, it is normally purchased for entertainment usage, surfing the internet as well as some office works. But due to the limited function of the tablet computers, majority of users still prefers to do the heavy office works of word processing and power point using a laptop or desktop. Some of the famous Tablet computers in the market are the iPad (Apple), Surface (Microsoft), Kindle Fire (Amazon) and also Samsung tablets. The tablet computer has a long history of development. The earlier tablet computer has hit the market but with less acceptance by the market. This is due to the limited capability that the tablet can offer. It was not until Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, the market began to accept the iPad as a new modern device that has many capabilities and functions. The Tablet computer represents a new era of mobility in which the internet is starting to become ubiquitous and has become a necessity for many users nowadays. It represent a significant milestone in the modern digital era and only time will tell whether tablet computer will be here to stay or fade away as a new disruptive technology came into the picture in the near future.