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What does an iPad do?

what ipad do

If you are new to Apple products such as the iPad, you will probably be wondering what possible thing does an iPad do. Basically iPad is a mobile computer. The only different compared to your normal personal computer is that it uses a touchscreen technology and its operating system is the iOS. The design of the iPad is quite sleek and was designed in a tablet form. Apple combines the element of mobility in a notebook but in the same time pack in the experience of the iPod touch as well as computing power of the MacBook. There are many things you can do with an iPad.

What does an iPad do? Basically it gives you the ability to surf the web, capture and play videos and photos as well playing games.

With the iTunes store, there are plenty of apps that you can download from there to your iPad. This apps opens up a whole lot of possibility that you can with your iPad. You can use the apps to play games, play music, organizing files, and many more. Depends on the focus of your work or leisure, the iPad can be a powerful instrument to assist your daily jobs or chores. You can also do real work office with the apps such as iWork and also Keynote. Being lighter than the normal notebook, it gives you more flexibility as well as open up more creativity to your work. With the High Definition and clear bright screen, the iPad can be used as entertainment in which you can watch your favorite movies and videos. With iTunes, you can immediately download your favorite movies and watch it in your iPad. Another great thing you can do with an iPad is that you can use it as an e-reader similar to Kindle. With the eye-friendly display, you can enjoy your favorite e-book with your iPad.