Smart Pocket Wifi

As the need to be mobile and connected at the same time grows nowadays, there is the emerging trend of people buying or renting smart pocket Wifi. This mobile smart pocket wifi allows people who use tabs or also smartphones to carry a personal wifi hotspot wherever they go. With the advancement of instant messaging, people are now opting for an almost free platform to communicate via a mobile hotspot that they can carry around. This smart pocket wifi can also be shared with your friends or families by giving them the password that will enable them to access your personal smart pocket wifi.

A smart pocket wifi also allows you to have the freedom to access wireless internet using portable devices everywhere you go including whether you are in a train, a car as well as while in your home. The pocket wifi comes together with a data package plan that is being offered as a subscription by the network provider. It normally charges a fix amount of cost for either on unlimited data plan basis or on a limited data plan such 1GB, 500MB and so forth. This subscription cost is payable on a monthly basis. For people who are travelling, the smart pocket wifi now provides them the alternatives for communication instead of using data roaming. This is because by using a pocket wifi, you are connected to the Internet and therefore you can use free instant messaging software such as Whatsapp to communicate instead of relying to the network operator for data and communication coverage. And if you are IT savvy enough, you can also transform your own smartphones and tabs into a smart pocket wifi by enabling the personal hotspots in the settings. However, there are disadvantages to this as your smartphones and tab normally rely on your 3G connection to connect to the internet. Below are some example of smart pocket wifi that are available in the market.

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