Should I Buy a Smart TV?

First of all, what is a smart TV? A smart TV is basically a television set that has more capabilities compared to a normal TV that includes a connection to the internet. A TV is considered smart if they are able to not just broadcast television program but also gives the users the ability to browse and stream videos with their TV through a connection to the internet. As the internet 2.0 has the ability to carry more data and bandwidth, the TV can now act as a media to display video data straight from the internet into your smart TV.

A smart TV is basically a combination of your normal TV and personal computer. It enhances the added value of entertainment that a TV can bring into your living room. The smart TV is connected to the internet either using a cable connection or Wi-Fi connection to a home network that have access to the internet. So, should you buy a Smart TV or not? It highly depends on your frequent use of your TV. If you only use your TV just to watch some movies and news, it is better that you subscribe to a normal cable network TV. However, by having Smart TV, you will have the added advantage of watching video on demand in the internet such as Youtube or Netflix. By having this, you can always immediately search for any movies that you wanted to see right there and then instead of having to wait for a particular movie to be shown on your cable network TV on a specific time and date. You can also do other interesting thing with your Smart TV such as video conferencing using Skype and Hangouts. You can check your Facebook using your TV and also browse the internet as you watch your favorite shows. As the internet of things are becoming a part of our life, Smart TV will become a norm in the future. So, it is better to jump on the bandwagon now and buy a Smart TV and not wait until it is too late.