Kindle Not Working

The Kindle device has fast becoming a popular entertainment device based that leverages on Android operating system. The Kindle fire is an amazing device that allows users to download digital content directly into the Kindle either for free or at a fee. However, not all devices are perfect and sometimes Kindle are not working as it supposed to be. The Kindle sometimes is not working due to the following:-

Kindle hang
If you are using Kindle and the application freezes, probably you are encountering a problem of task overloading and the memory is full. Therefore the possible solution to this is by rebooting the device. You can reboot the device by holding the power button for 20 seconds for it to switch off. Switch open back the Kindle device by pushing the power button again. Your Kindle should probably be operating normally again.

Kindle typo error
If you are typing into Kindle and suddenly, the output is quite messed up and not showing what it supposed to be, probably you have some issue with the touchscreen of the device. Try to clean it up first to remove any distracting particles. However, if you have clean it and it still displays that weird behavior, you can do a factory reset setting. This is done to ensure any corrupted applications or files that you downloaded into the Kindle is uninstalled and removed. Please ensure that you backup your files before you do the factory resetting. Once the Kindle is reset, the Kindle probably can function as normal as before. However, please take note that you need to have the battery charged of at least 40 percent before you do a factory reset.

Kindle applications error
If you trying to open an application and it shows error message, you can force the application to stop by going into application settings and tap at the Force Stop and Clear Data. This will clear the application that was running and reset back to the normal operation background without the application that causes the error in the first place.
However, if the Kindle still not working and you have tried a reset factory, probably it is related to hardware issues. It is best that you contact Amazon for the troubleshooting and to find the best possible solutions.

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