Is the Hoverboard Real?

Hoverboard is basically a levitating board that is similar to a skateboard function. The hover function replaced the wheel of the normal skateboard and it provides the lifting of the board and its movement through the air. The hoverboard concept was made famous by a famous Steven Spielberg movie that is entitled ‘Back to the Future’. In the movie, Michael J. Fox plays Marty Macfly, a teenager that went to the future and encounters with new technologies and one of it is the Hoverboard. The hoverboard depicted in the movie is used by kids and also people in a similar manner as a skateboard.

From the movie, the concept of hoverboard fascinates many people today and many attempts have been made by many companies to create a hoverboard. There is no real commercial hoverboard yet currently as the technology is not there yet. However, the most likely technology that will be used to create a real live hoverboard most probably be the magnetic levitation technology and also the superconductor approach. Magnetic levitation or Maglev in short is already being used in the high speed rail application. However, the Maglev only works on magnetic field only. Therefore, the concept of hoverboard as depicted in the movie in which it can hovers in almost all surface except on water is still not existed yet. In October 2014, an inventor, Greg Henderson have used the Maglev technology and applies it to a hoverboard. Even though the hoverboard is quite big and not the same as shown in the movie, it shows that the hoverboard can be real in a distant future. As the Maglev or any type of technology that involves lifting an object from the surface being research and commercialized, maybe one day we can see many “Marty McFly” flying around with a hoverboard in the city.