Internet Browsers List

When browsing the internet using your mobile devices and smart gadget, it is important that you choose the right web browser for an optimum web surfing experience. Do not let the smart gadget and devices choose for you the default internet browser. By having the right internet browser, you can surf the net with more pleasurable experience. Below are some of the Internet browsers list that is available and can be downloaded for free in the internet.

Google Chrome
This internet browser is among the most downloaded and used by most netizens. Its strength is due to the very friendly user interface, very simple to understand and also very easy to install. The internet also loads a lot faster by using Google Chrome. The advantage of Chrome also is that it can automatically translates pages that you are surfing to a language you understand. The only disadvantage of Chrome is that it uses a lot of memory of your PC or tablets.

Mozilla Firefox
The Mozilla Firefox also offers the speed and also fast loading of the internet as similar to Chrome. It has the multi-tab function to allow multiple sites can be open simultaneously. The Firefox also allows plug-in therefore some new existing features can be added to enhance the added value of the browser. The only disadvantage is the compatibility issues as not all websites can be open properly with Firefox. It also uses a lot of memory similar to Chrome.

If Google have the Chrome, then Apple have the Safari. The Safari is basically a web browser installed in all of Apple devices that can be used to browse the web. It loads internet very fast and quite simple to use. It can also open multiple sites and if you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can just slide the pages of the web browser and it will keep all your recent visits until you remove it. The disadvantage to Safari is that it is only limited to Apple devices only and it has some compatibility issues with some of the websites.

Internet Explorer
And finally we have the granddaddy of browser, the Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer have grown since its days of glory during the Netscape vs Explorer era. Based on its version 9 and above, the internet explorer started to use HTML 5. HTML 5 is basically a revision of HTML 4 and it basically lets user browse the internet much more smoothly. It is also quite fast and less cluttered now compared to the previous version and basically this browser is incorporated by default in any windows operating system. The disadvantages of this web browser is that even though it is quite fast in loading the internet, but it is still slow compared to Chrome and Firefox. The explorer also has fewer extensions and plug-ins compared to Chrome and Firefox.