How to Smarten Up Your Home

smart home

So, you have heard numerous time about smart homes. But the only thing that sometimes come across your mind when people mention smart home is temperature control or light control. If we look at wiki, the definition of smart home is basically home automation. A home can be considered a smart home is where you have certain processes in your home that is either automated or remotely controlled that will give added value to the quality of your life. This means a smart home will give you more time to spend with your family, more comfort, more security and more enjoyable to live in. If you look at the evolution of the place we called home, starting from the basic cave that our great ancestors used to live in, we have progress quite a lot obviously. This evolution is still going on and the smart home technology will only get better and better in the future.

The need for smart homes is not just a necessity for integrating technology into our lives but more towards increasing the quality of our life. If we are able to have sophisticated mobile phone that have great computing power, as well as self-driving car, surely a home can be upgraded with technology as well. A Smart Home will increase the quality of life as it will provide added value to the people living in that house as many things are now automated. Therefore smart homes will allow more time for the family to do other meaningful stuff and not get worried about fixing the home’s wear and tear. A smart home will also provide more security as well as comfort that in turn will provide more quality living to your children or spouse.

The basic requirements for a smart home automation is the sensors, controllers, actuators, buses and interfaces. The sensors are used to detect the variables in your home such as the temperature, humidity and many others. The sensors measures this variables and act as an input feeder to the home automation system. The sensors will feed this input it gets into the controllers which will be the central processing unit for the home automation system. This controller can be in the form of computer or computer terminal. Actuators are the implementers of home automation system that consists of motorized valves or motors. Buses as well as interfaces represents the integration of the smart home system to the wireless/internet as backbone requirements that helped integrate the hardware of your homes to the software part. There are two types of automation, one that is time based events and another is trigger based events. Time based events are smart home automation that is dependent on a specific date or time. A simple example is your coffee maker in which it will automatically boil hot water at the exact time that you set it to boil. A day or night can also trigger this automation. A trigger based events are smart home automation that are activated by an action. That action can comes in the form of switching on or off switches, opening up something or stepping onto something or based on motion detector.

Smart home application in a house can be utilized in many areas. Some of the common areas are the home entertainment, lighting control, humidity control, temperature control, security, yard watering and even pet feeding. Smart homes powered by the computer and internet can also give ability of the house owner to monitor and control your house applications from afar.