How to Make Internet Faster

So, you are surfing the internet or downloading a file and found out that your internet is too slow. What can you do to make the internet faster? The speed of the internet that you are using basically depends on the bandwidth of the internet service provider (ISP) that you are subscribed to. But, you can actually do something to speed up the internet a bit and not depend too much on the bandwidth of your ISP. First thing you can do and probably the simplest thing to do is to restart your computer. This is due to the fact sometimes after a while your computer is running many applications simultaneously on the background. This takes up the memory and processor speed of your computer and this will in turn affect the speed of you browsing the internet.

Once restart, the internet should be ok and running a bit faster than before. You can also browse faster using the internet by the type of browser that you use. Clear up some of the internet cache or the temporary internet files in your browser’s settings. Changing to a simpler and lighter internet browser can also help increase the speed of the internet that you are using. However, if the internet is still slow, you can then check for any programs that automatically runs on its own in the background once you fired up your computer. This can include some adware or malware running on the background. This software usually also occupies some of your internet bandwidth and directly affecting the speed of your internet. There are many software in the internet that can do the scanning of the adware or malware existing in your computer. If all these is done and you still have slow internet speed, the problem can be the Internet Service Provider that you are currently using. Change to ISP that offers the high speed broadband services and you will find a remarkable change of internet speed.