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How to get IMEI number

IMEI stands for ‘Identification Mobile Equipment Identity’. You can basically get your IMEI number by dialing a universal code that is *#06#. Once you type in the code, your phone will display the unique IMEI number for your phone. If you are using the iPhone, you can easily see the IMEI number imprinted in the back casing of the iPhone. The IMEI number that is displayed will have a unique 15 digit number. It is unique as each mobile phone has its own different 15 digit number.

IMEI can be considered as your phone’s unique ID. Therefore, this IMEI number can be used to track your phone as well as block a mobile phone from being used once it is lost or stolen. This is because regardless the phone is using different number or not, the tracking is done by identifying the IMEI number instead of the mobile number. It is similar to the chassis number for an engine in which the number is unique per engine. The IMEI number for each mobile phone is unique and only applies to one individual phone at a time. Therefore, the IMEI is not used to identify the subscriber to the mobile number but instead is used to identify the hardware itself and that is the mobile phone. The subscriber of the number is identified using the SIM card. Therefore, the subscriber number identification resides in the SIM card and can be changed from one mobile phone to another. However, the IMEI number resides in the mobile phone hardware itself and is imprinted by the manufacturer of the mobile phone. It uses an internationally accepted code. The use of IMEI blocking have been implemented in many countries and proven to be one of the effective tool of reducing phone theft. However, the system is not fool proof. The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) is normally used by network operator to block the mobile devices that was stolen by identifying the IMEI number. But in some cases, IMEI phone number can be change with special tools by hackers. Therefore, making the CEIR ineffective.