Drone Meaning

what is drone

In the military, the drone meaning refers to an unpiloted aircraft. This unpiloted aircraft can be small and also large in size depending on its functions and capability. The unpiloted aircraft or also known “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” or UAV is a remotely control flying aircraft that does not need a pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft. The objectives of the drones is usually for reconnaissance work and also the need to scout areas that could potentially be dangerous to human pilot. However, as this technology has becoming more affordable and easily available by local hobbyists and enthusiasts, the drone is now being used in commercial and recreational purposes.

Interestingly, the drone meaning also refers to a male bee that its only function is to fertilize a queen bee but does not do any work besides that. A drone also means a low dull humming voice. Interestingly, some drone does emit a low dull humming voice as it floats in the air. As the UAV or drone technology becoming more and more available, there are now many affordable drone that can be purchased off the shelf. There is also a do-it-yourself drone in which you can buy certain parts and assemble it to make functional drone. Hobbyists are now combining the ability of the drone that can fly high as well as staying in a single position for a long time with the function of camera works and also videography. By combining this technology, the drone is able to get amazing view as well as hard to get images that can only be captured by using a drone. There is also works to integrate the drone with our smartphones capability. By using smartphones only, you can control a drone with a downloaded app. This app is able to control the drone and also pre-set the drone with a trajectory path.