Drawing Tablet with Screen

A drawing tablet is basically a device that act as an input to a personal computer or PC using images and figures hand-draw on the tablet. This drawing tablet captures the movement made by the hand using a stylus or digital pen and convert the input to a graphical image in the personal computer or laptop. You can actually see what you are drawing in your PC monitor screen and adjust wherever it is necessary as you draw. The input from the drawing tablet is digitized into a form of graphic image that later can be manipulated and enhanced. The drawing tablet mostly will have a flat surface in which the user can use the digital pen or a stylus to draw.

Some of the popular drawing tablet would be the Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet. However, in order to facilitate the creativity and artistry of drawers and animators, there is also a need to see the graphical image directly on the flat surface instead of in the PC screen. However, there are also a drawing tablet with screen that incorporates LCD into the tablet. This feature allows user to draw directly into the LCD surface. This allows the user to see directly the final output of the drawing in the LCD instead in the monitor of the PC. This feature allows the user to have more authentic experience of drawing and provides more accuracy in creating a graphical figure or images. Wacom is basically the leading drawing tablet producer and already has some its product range to have a screen or LCD such as the Wacom Cintiq. Other drawing tablet with screen that is available in the market is the Hitachi Starboard, SenTIP and also PenTool. This range of products allows the user to draw onto the surface of the LCD and immediately see the figures that they are drawing. This allows users to be more creative in the creation of their graphic and images.

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