Define Smartphone

One of the most important gadget that most of people nowadays needs in the current modern lifestyles is the smartphone. You can never leave home without it. Even though just back a few several years ago there is no such thing as a smartphone. So how do you define smartphone? The definition of a smartphone is basically a mobile phone or cellular phone that also function as your personal computer. Even though it is not necessary for a smart phone to have a touchscreen interface, most users nowadays prefer their smartphone to have that capability. A cellphone is define a smartphone if it is able to connect to the internet wherever it goes and it is running an operating system in which is connected to a bigger ecosystem or environment that supports the smartphone function by providing applications.

The popular operating environment for a smartphone is the iOS and Android. There is a separation between the cellphone and also the personal computers. However, due to the miniaturization technology nowadays, the computers can be made smaller and smaller and therefore, the era of mobile computer emerges. Smartphone also can be define now as a personal assistant in which it can be used for many purposes. Some of the main functions people uses the smartphones are for browsing the internet, instant messaging through several applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and many others, searching locations using applications such as Waze and also to do basic things such check emails or for updating calendars. The function of cellphone now are not limited to just contacting your friends or contacts, but now evolve to different purposes. With the advances of camera resolutions, the smartphone also function as your camera and can be used instantly to capture the moments and also video recording. With the advances of the smartphone technology, the more smartphone is define as personal mobile assistant to your life with the objective of making life much more easier.