Cool Cheap Gadgets 2015

cool gadgets

If you are into the gadgets and gizmos, you would like the list that we compiled today for your review and reading pleasure. Below are some of the cool and also cheap gadgets that we found that can be of interest to smart gadget fans alike. The cool cheap gadgets can be obtained and purchased via Amazon website. Here are some of our favourites.

Self Stirring Mug
Evelots Press Button Battery Operated Self Stirring Mug, Assorted Colors

Notice when it is nice to have your spoon to stir the coffee in your mug but it get a bit annoying when you try drink the coffee from the mug and the spoon keep sliding to your mouth. And when you want to put the spoon somewhere in your desk, you will probably need the spoon back to stir the coffee and again the annoying ‘spoon slide to mouth’ vicious cycle. Interestingly, there is special mug that can actually remove this annoyance. It is called the self stirring mug and it can automatically stir your coffee by just pressing a button. And the best thing is, it is quite cheap compared to a normal mug. To add another bonus, you can show off this mug to your other colleagues and peers how convenient and technologically advance your mug is and make them jealous.

Tile – Item finder for anything
Tile – Item Finder for Anything – 1 Pack

Remember the annoying that you have each time you want to turn the channel on your TV and you could not find the remote? Or sometimes you just misplaced your cell phone around your home and you have it on silent mode? Or you are on a rush to get to work to only then notice you have misplaced your car key? If only if you can just open an app and track the whereabouts of your misplaced remote control or phone or your car key. Fret not, as that invention has already been created and it is call Tile. It is device that utilized Bluetooth technology that you can attach to anything that you do not want to misplace or lose. By using the tile, you can open up an app that will locate the item that you have attached with tile. The tile will give you option either you can locate it by sound or you can locate it on a map. Another amazing feature is that a tile can also track another tile. So, if the item that you have lost are in contact with another tile, it will immediately show you its location. Sounds like a device out of a spy movie. Another great news, as high tech as it sounds, the Tile is cheap and the app comes for free.

Paper Airplane that can be controlled by smartphone
PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Remember the time when no smartphones yet have been invented in this world and your childhood adventure would involve activities that actually involve use of both of your hands and all of your fingers? One of it is the making paper airplanes out of a paper. Now imagine the combination of that paper airplane and also a smartphone? You will get a remote paper airplane of course. This interesting gadget combines ordinary paper where you can fold and attached it with a motorized machines that is controllable directly from your smartphones. It is an interesting toy gadget as well as an education tool to teach students engineering as well as art making. And also, a plus point, it is a cheap gadget and can be bought in less than 50 dollars.

Robotic Arm
OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Ever wish that you have a robotic arm at your disposal. You can command to do whatever as you wish for? Good news. You can actually purchase a robotic arm at affordable price (Below 50 dollars). This robotic arm have multiple movements and it has a gripper that can open and close. So, you can command your robotic arm to pick an object and the wrist can actual move 120 degrees. This gadget is best for educational purposes and getting your kids interested with science and engineering.