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How to Print from iPad without Airprint Printer

By My Smart Gadget / April 6, 2015

iPad has fast becoming an essential item for many people who uses it not just for entertainment but as well as for office works and businesses. As iPad has become an alternative to laptops and also desktop, the need to print direct from your iPad has become a necessity. People nowadays even have mobile printer […]


How Do I Make Google My Homepage

By My Smart Gadget / January 27, 2015

If you are the person who likes to search for any information instantly on your smart gadgets and mobile devices, you probably want to set Google as your homepage in your smart gadgets. So, how do you make Google a homepage in your smart gadgets? If you are using Chrome as your web browser in […]


Should I Buy a Smart TV?

By My Smart Gadget / January 19, 2015

First of all, what is a smart TV? A smart TV is basically a television set that has more capabilities compared to a normal TV that includes a connection to the internet. A TV is considered smart if they are able to not just broadcast television program but also gives the users the ability to […]


How to Make Internet Faster

By My Smart Gadget / January 11, 2015

So, you are surfing the internet or downloading a file and found out that your internet is too slow. What can you do to make the internet faster? The speed of the internet that you are using basically depends on the bandwidth of the internet service provider (ISP) that you are subscribed to. But, you […]


Watch TV on iPhone or iPad

By My Smart Gadget / January 6, 2015

If you own an iPhone or iPad, one interesting you can do with your devices besides playing games or browse the internet, is the ability to watch TV on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, it is true. You can actually watch TV on iPhone. The device can be a good alternative to your TV set […]


How to get IMEI number

By My Smart Gadget / December 1, 2014

IMEI stands for ‘Identification Mobile Equipment Identity’. You can basically get your IMEI number by dialing a universal code that is *#06#. Once you type in the code, your phone will display the unique IMEI number for your phone. If you are using the iPhone, you can easily see the IMEI number imprinted in the […]