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5 Things You Can Do with Your iPad

By My Smart Gadget / April 30, 2016

What does an iPad do? It is interesting to know that many people are not fully aware of the iPad full capability and what does this device can do to simplify your lifestyle. Read more here if you want to know who invented the iPad. The iPad weighs only at 1.5 pounds and have different […]


Should I Buy a Reconditioned iPad?

By My Smart Gadget / February 9, 2015

If you are looking for a reconditioned iPad, probably you want to find a cheaper version of an iPad but in the same time you want to have an iPad that have the feeling and the new look of a new iPad. Not many people realize this, but Apple, yes, you heard me correctly, Apple […]


How do I print from my iPad?

By My Smart Gadget / February 1, 2015

The iPad is now being used by many working executives as part of their daily working gadgets. It has slowly replacing the laptop as one of the most convenient gadget to be used. One of the critical function that most of the laptop and PC has is the ability to print documents. So, does iPad […]


When Does the New iPad Come Out

By My Smart Gadget / January 29, 2015

If you are a fan of the iPad, you probably wondering when does the new iPad come out. According to a reliable data, the newest iPad that will be launched by Apple after iPad Air 2 will be iPad Air Plus. It is also rumored to be named iPad Pro. It follows from the successful […]


Watch TV on iPhone or iPad

By My Smart Gadget / January 6, 2015

If you own an iPhone or iPad, one interesting you can do with your devices besides playing games or browse the internet, is the ability to watch TV on your iPhone or iPad. Yes, it is true. You can actually watch TV on iPhone. The device can be a good alternative to your TV set […]


What does an iPad do?

By My Smart Gadget / December 3, 2014

If you are new to Apple products such as the iPad, you will probably be wondering what possible thing does an iPad do. Basically iPad is a mobile computer. The only different compared to your normal personal computer is that it uses a touchscreen technology and its operating system is the iOS. The design of […]


iPad Screen Resolution

By My Smart Gadget / September 17, 2014

iPad is a form of mobile personal computer in a tablet that was designed and distributed by Apple Inc. Since its debut in April 2010, Apple has since released many version of iPad to the market. The iPad Screen Resolution when it once introduced is a 1,024 x 768 pixel with a 7.75 x 5.82 […]


Best Stylus for iPad

By My Smart Gadget / September 15, 2014

iPad was designed by Apple to be used specifically using only with your fingers. Therefore, the concept behind iPad and also iPhone is that there is no need for a stylus to be used together with Apple devices. Apple considers stylus as troublesome and will always goes missing. The engineer in Apple also thinks that […]


iPad to TV Cable

By My Smart Gadget / September 10, 2014

For some iPad users, many are not aware that iPad or iPhone can be connected to their TV using a cable. Using composite AV cable such as Accell L123B-006J Composite AV Cable with USB Sync/Charge for iPad, iPod or iPhone you can now view the content of your iPad to TV using Cable. The cable […]