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What is Blockchain Technology?

By My Smart Gadget / December 13, 2017

In some way or another, you might probably have heard about Blockchain. It is basically the technology behind Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Another term that you most probably have heard by now. So, what is Blockchain and how you can learn and benefit from it? So, to explain in details how the Blockchain works, we need […]


What is the Internet of Things?

By My Smart Gadget / December 9, 2017

The idea of the Internet of Things or IoT was first conceived in the mid to late 1990s where the RFID tag and RFID readers were first being introduced and pushed into the main market. The term “Internet of Things” was first coined by Kevin Ashton, a British technology pioneer who co-founded Auto-ID Centre at […]


Top 5 Tips How to Detect Hidden Cameras

By My Smart Gadget / March 15, 2017

Have you stayed in a hotel and wondered whether there are hidden cameras inside your room? If you have that fear, you are not alone. There have been many cases where a hotel room have been secretly installed with a hidden camera. This may be done due to sinister motive such as blackmailing and sometimes […]


5 Tips How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe and Secured

By My Smart Gadget / January 27, 2017

We are entering a golden age of digital era in which our daily life are shaped by the gadgets that we have. These gadgets have become critical in the daily function of our life and therefore it is also important that we keep it safe and secured if possible. The gadgets and smartphones hold more […]


Virtual Reality for Small Business

By My Smart Gadget / September 16, 2016

If electricity gives birth to industry changing appliances such as Television and Radio, the internet will also now gives birth to industry changing application such as Virtual Reality Headwear. The technology of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have now approaching maturity and the businesses who is investing in this technology now will be the leader […]


Top 5 Smart Gadgets for Coffee Lovers

By My Smart Gadget / March 17, 2016

If you are one of those people who can’t start a day without the first sip of coffee in the morning, you will probably be interested with smart gadgets that was created especially for you coffee lovers in mind. Here we compiled the top 5 gadgets that was specially created for enhancing your coffee drinking […]


What is Smart Gadget?

By My Smart Gadget / February 27, 2016

It can be confusing sometimes when some manufacturers are doing a sales pitch of certain ‘smart gadget’ with ‘smart’ functions. There is also the ‘smart’ devices that they are offering as well. Based on some of the manufacturer or the retail outlet, any gadget can be sell as ‘smart’ gadget. So, what is a ‘Smart […]


What Does Wifi Stand For?

By My Smart Gadget / June 13, 2015

The Wifi or Wi-Fi has become synonym with the internet age and gadget users nowadays. As people becoming mobile, the wifi has become a standard application for all avid users of smartphones, smart gadgets, laptop and other mobile gadgets. So, what does wifi stand for? Interestingly enough Wifi is not acronym and basically it stands […]


What is Airprint?

By My Smart Gadget / February 2, 2015

If you are using any Apple devices you will probably also use the smart gadget as a tool for work as well. Therefore the printing function that usually is available in your desktop and laptop is also important to have in your iPad or iPhone. This would allow the users to print important documents or […]