Best Stylus for iPad

iPad was designed by Apple to be used specifically using only with your fingers. Therefore, the concept behind iPad and also iPhone is that there is no need for a stylus to be used together with Apple devices. Apple considers stylus as troublesome and will always goes missing. The engineer in Apple also thinks that by using your own finger to do the swiping in your iPad, it will add a much more pleasant and friendly feeling compared to a user using stylus for their iPad or iPhone. However, there are stylus that can be used for iPad that is available in the market. The people who wants to use stylus for iPad are normally users that are already accustomed to use a stylus for their tabs or smart gadgets.

However, please bear in mind that iPad was designed specifically to be used with your fingers only. Steve Jobs once said that iPad can be use with the best five stylus that you already own, in reference to your five fingers. Some of the best stylus for iPad are Musemee Notier V2 (Silver) – The World’s Most Precision Stylus for iPad, iPhone and Other Touch Screen Devices. However there are some cheap yet still the best stylus for iPad such as 5 Pcs Stylus Set Aqua Blue/Black/Red/Pink/Purple Stylus/styli Touch Screen Cellphone Tablet Pen for iPhone 4G 3G 3GS iPod Touch iPad 2

In choosing the best stylus for iPad, it is necessary to choose the right stylus that have a smooth rubber tip. The rubber tip surface usually has the size of an average finger due to iPad or several tabs would not able to recognize a stylus that have small rubber tip. This is because Apple devices such as iPad is designed to recognized specific small touch interface provided by supposedly using your own fingers. So, make sure that the stylus meets this important criteria. Second, is the quality of the rubber tip and to make sure it does not fell off once you used it several time. Third, is also to make sure you have your money worth in buying the stylus is that it can also be used in any other smart tabs such as Samsung tablet and many others.