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Who invented the iPad?

By My Smart Gadget / October 3, 2014

Since the first personal computer has been invented, the evolution of personal computers has been steadfast and revolutionary. From the first computer that was invented that was big and bulky and can fit a room, it has evolves now to even fit your lap. The move towards miniaturizing the desktop computer to the now invented […]


Best iPhone Armband for Running

By My Smart Gadget / September 23, 2014

With all the healthy apps that is flooding the market nowadays, our smartphones such as the iPhone are now becoming a close companion for those type of people who are leading a healthy lifestyle. People who is running for instance normally will use their smartphones such as the iPhone to monitor their running performance. Runners […]


iPad Screen Resolution

By My Smart Gadget / September 17, 2014

iPad is a form of mobile personal computer in a tablet that was designed and distributed by Apple Inc. Since its debut in April 2010, Apple has since released many version of iPad to the market. The iPad Screen Resolution when it once introduced is a 1,024 x 768 pixel with a 7.75 x 5.82 […]


Best Stylus for iPad

By My Smart Gadget / September 15, 2014

iPad was designed by Apple to be used specifically using only with your fingers. Therefore, the concept behind iPad and also iPhone is that there is no need for a stylus to be used together with Apple devices. Apple considers stylus as troublesome and will always goes missing. The engineer in Apple also thinks that […]


iPad to TV Cable

By My Smart Gadget / September 10, 2014

For some iPad users, many are not aware that iPad or iPhone can be connected to their TV using a cable. Using composite AV cable such as Accell L123B-006J Composite AV Cable with USB Sync/Charge for iPad, iPod or iPhone you can now view the content of your iPad to TV using Cable. The cable […]


Smart Pocket Wifi

By My Smart Gadget / September 8, 2014

As the need to be mobile and connected at the same time grows nowadays, there is the emerging trend of people buying or renting smart pocket Wifi. This mobile smart pocket wifi allows people who use tabs or also smartphones to carry a personal wifi hotspot wherever they go. With the advancement of instant messaging, […]


When is the new iPhone coming out?

By My Smart Gadget / September 7, 2014

For all the die-hard fans of Apple devices must be wondering when the new iPhone will be coming out. Very strong rumors are now circulating that the possible date for the new iPhone coming out is on the 9th September 2014. Apple has already confirm that they are going to hold a big event at […]

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