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Top 5 Cool Camping Gadgets 2016

By My Smart Gadget / May 27, 2016

If you are outdoor person who likes to camp but also a gadget enthusiasts as well, you possibly be one of that person who likes to bring cool camping gadgets and ideas to your camping activities. These cool smart gadgets for camping activities would definitely enhance your outdoor activity experience and also brings more fun […]


5 Things You Can Do with Your iPad

By My Smart Gadget / April 30, 2016

What does an iPad do? It is interesting to know that many people are not fully aware of the iPad full capability and what does this device can do to simplify your lifestyle. Read more here if you want to know who invented the iPad. The iPad weighs only at 1.5 pounds and have different […]


Top 5 Smart Gadgets for Coffee Lovers

By My Smart Gadget / March 17, 2016

If you are one of those people who can’t start a day without the first sip of coffee in the morning, you will probably be interested with smart gadgets that was created especially for you coffee lovers in mind. Here we compiled the top 5 gadgets that was specially created for enhancing your coffee drinking […]


What is Smart Gadget?

By My Smart Gadget / February 27, 2016

It can be confusing sometimes when some manufacturers are doing a sales pitch of certain ‘smart gadget’ with ‘smart’ functions. There is also the ‘smart’ devices that they are offering as well. Based on some of the manufacturer or the retail outlet, any gadget can be sell as ‘smart’ gadget. So, what is a ‘Smart […]


How to Smarten Up Your Home

By My Smart Gadget / February 15, 2016

So, you have heard numerous time about smart homes. But the only thing that sometimes come across your mind when people mention smart home is temperature control or light control. If we look at wiki, the definition of smart home is basically home automation. A home can be considered a smart home is where you […]


Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality – Who will win?

By My Smart Gadget / January 21, 2016

Virtual Reality can be defined as a 3D image or environment created by computer or special electronic equipment that can be interacted by the users. Virtual reality hardware includes electronic glass, helmet that have screen that portrays the image as well as sounds and also interactive gloves. Augmented reality can be defined as technology that […]


What is a Smartphone? – A Basic Understanding

By My Smart Gadget / January 5, 2016

How can a phone be defined as smart? There are many definition of what constitutes as a smartphone. According to Merriam-Webster, a smartphone is broadly define as “Cell phone that includes additional software functions such as e-mail or internet browser”. However, based on wiki, the definition is much specific. Smartphone is defined as “mobile phone […]


What is RF Shield Wallet?

By My Smart Gadget / December 18, 2015

What is RF Shield Wallet? The RF Shield wallet is a genuine leather wallet that is design to block any RFID reader to be able to skim or read your enabled RFID credit card or ATM card. Every single pocket in the wallet is shielded with RFID blocking material. The RFID sleeves locks your credit […]


What is Electronic Pickpocketing?

By My Smart Gadget / November 6, 2015

The short animation above shows briefly what is electronic pickpocketing and how you can prevent it. Be aware of RFID skimming. RFID skimming is a form of electronic pickpocketing or digital identify theft. It is done by somebody who has an RFID reader and skims through your RFID credit card or RFID passport chip secretly […]


What is RFID Blocking?

By My Smart Gadget / October 8, 2015

Before we dive into what is RFID blocking, it is important that we know what is RFID technology. RFID or Radio frequency identification is the use of electromagnetic fields as platform for a wireless transfer or emission of data and information. The purpose is either for identification or tracking of physical objects. The RFID tags […]

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